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What to Consider When Looking for a Heavy Haulage Transport Service

Transporting cranes, excavators, tractors, scrapers or other heavy industrial equipment requires special considerations. If you need to have heavy equipment shipped, you're a potential customer for heavy haulage transport service. There are many heavy haulage companies out there ready to serve you. But if you want to choose a service provider that will work for you, it's important to take the time to research your options. 

That said, here's a look at a few top factors to look into when choosing a heavy haulage service.

The weight of your equipment

Not all heavy industrial equipment weighs the same. Find out the specific weight of your equipment and enquire if your heavy haulage service has the right vehicle for transporting your load. To know how much your equipment weighs, you can consult your equipment owner's manual. 

If you've lost the manual, you might have to get in touch with your equipment manufacturer through their website or over the phone to get the information.

The shape and size of your equipment

Aside from the weight of your oversized equipment, you'll also need to consider the shape and size of the equipment. Providing your transport service with correct dimensions of the particular equipment you need to be shipped so they can determine if they have the right trailer for the job.

For instance, an extendable trailer may be required to ship an overlength load that can't fit on a standard trailer. The right heavy hauler should be able to match a trailer to the specific weight, size and shape of your equipment.  

Insurance coverage

Heavy industrial machines are an expensive acquisition. Sufficient insurance coverage is needed to protect this equipment from potential damage or loss during transportation. 

Make sure your preferred heavy haulage company has adequate insurance to protect your investment while in transit. If the transport service does not have enough coverage, see if it makes financial sense to purchase more insurance yourself or find a carrier that offers the coverage you need. 

Seamless scheduling 

Ensuring your shipment arrives at its intended destination on time is critical to the success of your project. Timely delivery of your equipment to the job site will ensure work begins on time and that you'll be able to stick to your project schedule. Look for a heavy hauler that offers an assurance that they'll deliver your shipment on time.

Timely delivery of heavy industrial equipment to your job site is vital for the success of your business. Reviewing the above factors when choosing a heavy haulage transport service will help you choose the best service provider.