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The F1 by Helicopter: The Ultimate Thrill

There's nothing more exciting than the thrill of sitting trackside at a Formula 1 race—nothing, that is, apart from arriving at the race by helicopter, and when you're in the pilot's seat, the sky is—literally—the limit.

Anyone keen on training for their helicopter license has a keen sense of adventure and a love of going beyond the realms of what most people experience in their lifetimes. If you are enchanted by the idea of being above the clouds and the feeling of adrenaline in the pit of your stomach as you soar swiftly skywards, then you can't do better than learning to pilot a helicopter.

With trainees' focus drawn naturally to the inherent joys of flight, they'd be forgiven for sidelining all of the other benefits that attaining a helicopter license opens up, yet the many amazing opportunities and experiences available to helicopter pilots are not to be easily forgotten.

Of all the helicopter rides and tours that services can offer their clients, transport to special events has to come with the most perks for pilots, and the F1 is second to none.

Since its inception in 1950, the single-seater auto race has wowed fans with its intense pace and adrenaline-charged action. The season sees the fastest cars in the world race each other on the highest graded tracks, and if the aerodynamics of these vehicles are supreme, they are most certainly bested by the helicopters that take many adoring fans to watch them race.

Lucky helicopter pilots can enjoy transporting people right up to the gates of the Grand Prix from significant spots including Tullamarine Airport and the CBD and engage in joy flights above the beautiful city and all of the action of the races.

If you've always longed to learn to fly but haven't managed to cross it off the bucket list just yet, a flight to a Formula 1 race is just the ticket to get your heart racing and the blood pumping furiously through your veins. Sure, you'll skip the traffic, and yes, you'll get there faster—much faster—and have a story to tell for years to come, but mostly you'll feel the irreplaceable thrill of escaping the city's skyscrapers and heading for the stratosphere.

Whether you are a pilot in training or an adoring fan of the greatest race on earth, you will never forget your F1 helicopter ride, no matter how long you live.