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How Refrigerated Transport Helps Your Wedding Go Smoothly

Your wedding day is one that you'll remember for the rest of your life, and you'll want to make sure it's for the right reasons. With so many elements that need to come together, weddings are stressful to organise and it always feels like there's a high risk of something going wrong. This can have an impact on your enjoyment of the big day, as worrying for months on end is a tiring business.

Although there are nearly endless ways you can make sure the day goes well, there's one particular step you can take to help in numerous ways: hiring a refrigerated truck. Here are some of the ways this can help you on your wedding day.

Transporting food

If you're hiring a caterer, they should be taking care of getting the food safely to the wedding venue, but make sure they're handling it properly.

Otherwise, if you have food you need to take yourself, it's best to move it while it's refrigerated. This helps you make sure everything arrives as fresh as the moment it was made and also avoids unpleasant and potentially dangerous bacterial growth.

Don't forget the most important piece of food – the wedding cake! Cakes can quickly start to go bad if they're too warm, so keep it cool.

Ready-to-drink beverages

For weddings that aren't in venues with a bar, you're probably going to want to take plenty of drinks, but alcoholic and soft. Although it's a good idea to sort out some cold storage when you get there, to keep them chilled throughout the day, a refrigerated truck can keep them nice and icy on the way.

This is particularly important with drinks like champagne and beer, which really need to be served as well-chilled as possible. It's not quite the same popping a bottle of champagne that's lukewarm from a car journey. Using a refrigerated vehicle, all your drinks will be at a nice temperature and ready to be enjoyed when your guests arrive.

Moving flowers and other decorations

Weddings involve a lot of floral displays, and flowers can start to wilt quite quickly if it's warm outside. Keeping them chilled during transport will make sure they still look nice and lively when they arrive, which gives them the best possible chance of surviving through the whole wedding and reception.

If you're having an ice sculpture commissioned as a decoration for your wedding day, refrigerated transport should be an obvious choice if you don't want to end up with a large puddle.