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What Travellers Should Consider about Road Transport Options in Australia

If you are a tourist visiting Australia, road transport and transportation in general may be an issue. This is especially true if you are visiting on your own and not with a tourist group that may include transportation. If you are trying to do some research on what road transport options are available to you on your trip, consider the following options and what you should know about each one.

App Based Transport

App based transport refers to road transport services that are requested and paid for through an app on your smartphone. These services are generally available in larger metropolitan areas. The key to these services is that you have to have a method of payment such as a debit or credit card, you order the service online, and you wait for that service to arrive to your location. If you are in a small group, you may or may not be afforded the option of a car pool or group discount on the service. These services are provided by freelance drivers, so the cars and the transport methods may vary. Keep in mind, if an accident should occur you are relying on the driver to be covered under insurance and not a company directly to cover any insurance related coverage options for the accident.

Traditional Taxi Services

Traditional taxi services are available in most cities. A traditional service offers the benefit of receiving a taxi either through a prearranged scheduled time or by way of the hotel accommodations you have. Some taxi's will station themselves outside of hotels in order to be available as the guests require them. They are more prevalent and easier to obtain than an app based transport, and if you are on a strict time schedule they may be the ideal option. Keep in mind, insurance and other related issues are generally through the company when it comes to these services rather than the drivers. This may offer you a layer of piece of mind if you are concerned with how a potential accident would be handled.

Bus or Shuttle

Depending on where you want to travel, most hotels will offer a bus or shuttle service to various locations. For example, you may find that your hotel has a shuttle service to the local airport as well as to local points of interests. These are generally scheduled for hourly departure and arrival and may be part of your hotel fee. You may also find that you are on a bus route that is affordable and will allow you to visit any area on the bus route while you are visiting.

By keeping these options in mind, you will be prepared for the options available to you and how you need to navigate each option. Keep in mind that prices for the services may vary depending on the area you are visiting. If you are uncertain about which of these options may be best, consider discussing them with a travel agent during your trip preparation.