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Questions to Ask When Scheduling a Charter Flight

A charter flight refers to hiring a private plane for a particular trip, like hiring a limousine for a special occasion. All companies that provide private jets for charter flights will be different in how they schedule these and the fees they charge as well as extras and amenities, so it's good to note a few questions you might ask before choosing a company.

This will ensure there are no surprises and that you find the right charter flight for you:

1. Do passengers pay for fuel?

Always ask if there is a fuel surcharge for the flight. In some cases, fuel will be completely included in the price quoted but again, each company is different. 

2. How is time of use figured?

Typically you rent a charter plane according to a certain timeframe, which is calculated by the starting point and the destination. Some companies may charge only from the time the wheels go up to when they set down on each runway, with just a few short minutes added for "taxi time," or the time the plane takes to taxi up and down the runway.

However, some companies might also charge you when a flight needs to be delayed and must stay in the airport for an extended time. Be sure you understand any such charges you might face.

3. Is catering included?

Meals and such being served on charter flight might depend on the length of the flight and the company offering the flight. Don't assume that you'll be provided full catering or even snacks, unless you ask and note the price and what's included. This may also be noted in a brochure you use to find a charter flight, but if not, speak up and ask. In some cases you can request to have catered meals added for an additional price.

4. Is ground transportation included?

Some charter flights might provide ground transportation, especially if you're staying in a nearby hotel or visiting a particular business that often hosts visitors from out of town. Some flight companies may not include ground transport, and especially if you're heading to the airport from home or a longer distance. 

5. Is there a weight limit?

Smaller planes may be able to support only so much weight, so if you're bringing any type of items with you that might add significantly to this weight, such as movie cameras, manufacturing prototypes, and the like, ask about weight restrictions. The company arranging the charter flight should be able to assist you in figuring the weight of any special items to ensure they can be accommodated on the flight.

For more help, contact Charter Flights with any questions you have.