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Four Traits of Dabbawalas That You Should Look for in a Freight Transporter

The dabbawalas, the professionals at the heart of India's lunch delivery system, have been praised by shipping experts everywhere. If you are trying to choose a freight transporter, take a cue from this century-old lunch-delivery service and look for a freight transporter that mirrors its qualities. Here are four of the qualities your transporter needs to have:

1. Proven Record of Success

Dabbawalas deliver thousands of lunches every day, but according to an analysis of their system, they only make a mistake about once for every six million deliveries. Even if you can't find a transporter who matches this kind of accuracy, look for one that has great reviews and a positive history of customer satisfaction.

2. Professional Staff

When you hire a transport company, you need more than a sleek website and great promises, you also need a professional, knowledgeable and friendly team of people to help you out. Part of the dabbawalas success is related directly to the dabbawalas themselves.

These delivery professionals do not write the return address on their lunch boxes. Instead, they remember it. You don't need the staff of a transport company to memorise addresses for you, but you do need them to be helpful and committed to helping you get the best service possible.

3. Integration of Other Travel systems

When an Indian housewife sends her hot lunch off with dabbawala, she knows that it will reach her husband and that she doesn't need to make any additional arrangements. The dabbawalas take the lunch to the city trains where it is then transported to local dabbawalas who bring the lunch directly to the worker's office. All of this happens automatically.

Similarly, if you are hiring a transporter, you need one that integrates their services with other transporters and subcontractors to meet your needs. For instance, if you need your freight shipped internationally, you need a transporter who will take care of customs forms or help organise local transporters with foreign transporters as needed.

4. Something You Can't Get Anywhere Else

The dabbawalas provide a service that is so unique that their business continues to grow. Although workers could easily go grab some fast food, they still have this service deliver hot lunch to them. When you do business with a freight transporter, they should provide you with something that you can't get anywhere else. This could be the lowest price, shipping to a remote destination, overnight delivery options or other features.

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